Life, oh life…





Thank you Des’ree for those sound words (anyone remember her?). Hope everyone is having a nice Easter weekend – I am loving the 4 day bank weekend, I think this should be made compulsory!

Anyway here are a few, or more than a few points I thought I would share with you all 🙂


1. Cutting your hair actually gets rid of stress and worries. I was honestly having a really hard time with work and life recently so I made the last-minute decision to cut my hair and cut it shorter than it has been for a very long time. I know this is going to sound very cliche and cheesy but cutting my hair actually made me feel like I was cutting away my worries – I was happier, more relaxed and most definitely lighter 🙂

2. Cauliflower rice – made it, tasted it but didn’t like it. You win some, you lose some.

3. So beauty serums, eye creams, anti-ageing creams etc – ok as you may have guessed by now they hold the calling cards for me to buy them but..what do they do exactly? When do I see the effects, what am I actually looking for? So actually yes I do buy them but…not sure what I am expecting these items to do and when I should or would be reaping the benefits. Oh dear…it sounds like a long, risky, pocket pinching waiting game! 😦

4. Obsessed with watching, actually confession time…I am a huge TV addict. So my current shows are: Game of Thrones (oh my goodness!!!!), The Following (eekkk!), The Mindy Project (love, love, love her and this show), The Great British Menu (great foodie programme – I want to be a judge, how does one apply?), Da Ali G show and Goodness Gracious Me on YouTube (soo funny!). Right so this actually proves how much time I spend in front of my laptop – lovely! But hey, watching TV shows is my escape 🙂

5. New go to dinner – roast chicken salad.


6. Coconut is the new smell – loving anything coconut scented since I received the Sleek MakeUp pout polish! Can’t get enough of this.


7. SO SO SO excited about the new X-Men movie. I am a huge and very geeky X-Men fan and I could literally pee in my pants because I am so excited!!

8. Garlic infused olive oil – Where have you been all my life?

9. Since joining the boot camp I have found my attitude for trying new things and getting things done has changed dramatically. I now never think, I cannot do something or I am not able – I CAN and I WILL! This has crossed work, life and exercise boundaries! (Still not hot on the nutrition though – no one can take fresh bread and potatoes away from me).

10. I now drink coffee with no sugar – hooray. I know I made a huge deal about this in a previous post, but actually it doesn’t taste too bad at fact I quite enjoy it.

11. Apologies to Laura Mercier and the tinted moisturiser review.., I now like it, a lot (a little too greasy/shiny still) but I use it whenever I go out now along with my Laura Mercier powder and (sometimes) newly purchased Laura Mercier concealer…you may see a pattern here..Love you Laura Mercier.

12. Decided to quickly curl my hair before work last week (I have not curled my hair in over 3/4 months) and consequently burnt my face as a result – Brilliant! Long burn line across my left cheek 🙂

and last but not least…

13. Need to add a parent control or some kind of barrier or lock to the Zara website!  I have no self-control when it comes to this shop! Any tips on how to save my account from drying up?!

That’s all folks, hope you liked my little snippet of life related points!

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Much love

Khannablog xxx

(all pictures taken from Google images)





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