The Ultimate relationship!

•August 20, 2014 • 2 Comments

Don’t be surprised, this is not about a man but phone. I have seen a few YouTube videos about this and I wanted to put my own spin on my ultimate and only recurring relationship…




1) The first date – this is when you have chosen to commit every aspect of your life for 18 or 24 months. This is the time you get to know each other, you realise and are surprised by your phones new functions, camera, speed and quality. You are timid, shy and awkward.

2) The honeymoon period – you are with each other 24/7. You laugh, you cry, you share your deepest and most personal thoughts with each other. You listen to each other and get on like a house on fire. Your phone is dependable, surprises you with new functions, keeps you on your toes.

3) Those hump days – you clearly love each other but sometimes your phone just does not listen, ignores your requests, forgets to do something you needed or embarrasses you.

4) The hump days turn into daily habits – you still have a deep love for your phone. It still has it looks, performs most of the time but every day it does something you do not like or irritates you! Why does it need to freeze, switch off, drop your calls? You start to question your compatibility…Maybe another model will satisfy your needs?

5) The break up – now this can be for two reasons: 1) you find something else; better looking, better specifications, smaller, cheaper, snazzier, basically you have found something else or 2) your phone dumps you! It breaks down and leaves you stranded with no warning. No apps, no contacts, pictures, no reason or warning. (The latter happened me to!)

6) Anger, Frustration and Confusion – Why did they do this? Why now? What did I do wrong? Was it not charged enough, not updated enough? How can one cope without it? No ability to contact people you want to! Why did it not tell me to back it up? No whatsap, no twitter, no email on hand, no instagram perving! Why!!!

7) Withdrawal symptoms – You hear its voice everywhere you go, you feel its silent call in your bag. You remember you need to check something but remember it is not there anymore! You miss it’s elegant, bright and good looking screen and forget all the bad times.

8) Rebound – this has two outcomes; 1) bigger and better choice than your phone. You have been waiting to try this new phone and cannot wait to start the new relationship or 2) a temporary, old, ugly phone that was unwillingly given to you while you wait to see if your old phone will ever come back to you. It does not compare to your phone, it doesn’t even have a volume button or the ability to be a on a vibrate setting. The Shame!…. (I am currently waiting…)

I am currently dying without my lovely smart phone, fingers crossed it gets fixed soon because the old Nokia I was given is…bad! 😦 Argh!!!!!

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Much love Khannablog xxx

‘It’s been a long time…I shouldn’t have left you’

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I know I have been away for a long time – so apologies for that! It was a combination of work, life, writers block and losing my blog mojo but I am back now (hopefully).

So why not start with my highs and lows of the past months…

High – Low

1) Laura Mercier – oh goodness have I found my soul make up mate. So I started off with buying the pressed foundation powder…then it was lovely wallet pinching down-hill spiral…the illuminating tinted moisturiser, the concealer and recently the oil free foundation have become residents of my make up box! And I am eyeing up the oil free tinted moisturiser….thank you Laura!

2) WhatsApp – so incredibly addictive and who wants to communicate through anything else. I actually hate ‘regular’ texting now – so boring, so last season ;). Anyone else feel the same?


3) – the jewellery…oh my god!! I want…so much! So many things I could buy, it was as if this jewellery was made for me! I really need self control for this website. Check it out, the items on here are amaazing!

4) Low back tops – my new thing! I am obsessed with this style, I need more…in any colour, any style! Eeek!

5) True Blood – is back and for the last season! Noooo…love love love this show! Oh Eric and Alseed….ouch too hot!


6) The Kardashians – So, I am a little obsessed. They are all sooo fit! New girl crush is Kylie Jenner!

7) Exercise – before my boot camp days I could go months, years even without working out but…now I cannot stand even a week. Recently have finished a month of fasting, where I could not go and it killed me….and I cannot wait (actually excited) to go back and become sweaty and feel the burn! (What is wrong with me?!)

8) Make up – I have never really been a huge make up junkie until recently where it seemed I would buy anything under the sun and then started to wear concealer, powder, blush to work…which 1) takes time, 2) boring, 3) isn’t necessary so now I am reverting to the other extreme of not wearing much/anything! I prefer my no make up days in fact and will brave work and my horribleΒ  life sucking meetings without make up! – Lets see how long this lasts!

9) Instagram – finally decided I will join. I agree it is very addictive but…a bit over rated and frankly self obsessive…which I think is the point but hey..I will still glance at the fashion pictures, food porn and prev over hot celebrities! πŸ˜‰


10) Men – I dont want to men bash but seriously….some, well most I have come across are absolute pricks! And I am tired of being messed up about. So F U men!!

That’s all folks

Anyone else agree with my list?

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Khannablog xxx

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Blogs I read most often – take 2

•May 17, 2014 • 3 Comments

So I thought I would update my list of blogs and now YouTube videos I read and watch most often. Again an eclectic bunch of beauty, food, fashion etc and some I have already mentioned before but hey, I love them so…why not write about them again! πŸ™‚


  • Top spots go to (literally read every day!):

1) Vivannadoesmakeup: I am addicted to this lady, her blogs and videos. She is so engaging, charming and personable.

2) Β Β Lily Pebbles: great tips – make up, fashion, food etc.

3) Fashion Squad: such a great style inspiration – I wish I was this woman!!

  • Sliver and Bronze Awards go to:

4) Green Kitchen Stories: great, great place to get healthy veggy recipes, videos and blog!

5) Chapter Friday: great one stop shop for fashion, interior style etc. Brilliant blog.

6) Lisa Eldrige: amazing make up artist with great videos and blog posts. She is the initiator for buying Bioderma – thank you! πŸ™‚ I want to look like her!

7) Rouge Rose Petale: great read and make up tips.

8) Miss Maven: great videos and blog posts. Teni is amazingly pretty – no guessing I would also like to be her too πŸ˜‰

9) IISuperwomanII: funny videos πŸ™‚

10) I know this great little place..: Amazing place to find new, exciting places in London to visit, eat, see etc. Love, Love, love this blog!

Which blogs/videos do you all like to visit often?

Much love

Khannablog xxx (Follow me on twitter @khannablog)


The final confessions of a shopaholic

•May 8, 2014 • 2 Comments

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I have been so busy with work and life, mostly work! 😦

So my last post was my ‘no (unnecessary) shopping’ challenge and let me tell you, it has been hard! I just looked back at how many days it has been and humiliatingly it has only been 11 days (bloody hell) it feels like a month or more since I publicly announced my challenge for the month!

But…I must confess… yesterday night…I cracked and I did some online shopping! – I have no will power! Argh – so really I only lasted 10 days not buying anything unnecessary…Oh dear, I am so ashamed! And as the picture says..Epic failure!

Fear-of-failureBut I thought I would share my ‘resisting shopping’ journey:

1) Everything, I mean everything (now that I have stopped myself buying things) is enticing. Even random magazines that I would never buy anyway! – Bloody hell!

2) I want everything I watch, for example watching a beautyΒ  video, TV show, food show – I want it all…the food, the new lip product, a similar top! – Seriously?!

3) You find everything you want and have been looking for, for what you believe is most of your life, when your wallet is on lock down. For example the top and jeans of your dreams on sale! – Are you kidding!!!!!!! (this was very hard to refuse!)

4) You have booked a beach holiday and realise you do not own any beach attire and let alone the essential swimsuit! I am not a swimsuit wearer and I have not worn or owned one in probably 7 years! –Β Bloody fantastic!

5) You want to buy a takeaway, even though you never do this and actually love to cook just so you can buy something – Pete’s sake!

6) You are now feeling overly generous and want to buy the whole world for your family and friends and pay for everything for no particular reason . This is where the challenge has paid off – score and at the same time WTF!

7) You realise you need a new wardrobe immediately. Everything is wrong or old, work, going out, t-shirts, jeans, shoes…everything! – Bleep, Bleep, mother Bleep…

I resisted until last night when I decided I need to buy a swimsuit for my upcoming holiday because I have a funny feeling this is probably not the easiest purchase one can make a couple of days before you leave!

To me it seemed like as soon as I stopped myself buying things, I wanted to spend my money more and more on useless junk I would never usually think about let alone buy.

The moral of the story (for me at least) – do not put a big a fat NO against anything because it makes you want it more, instead make a conscious decision to be more careful!

So off I go to browse the Zara website…hopefully I won’t binge shop! πŸ™‚

Has anyone else tried this and failed, or succeeded.

Much love khannablog

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Confessions of a shopaholic…

•April 26, 2014 • 3 Comments

This is another short life post to declare my addiction to shopping and you will be pleased to know I do not discriminate, I have my favourites but…I have no prejudices when shopping.


Ok so I am not as bad as Isla Fisher in the ‘Confessions of a shopaholic movie’ but..if let loose, I could get very close! 😦 I am a very spontaneous shopper and buy things there and then if I like them – not a very logical or money efficient way believe me!

My shopping habits span from: clothes (favourite), jewellery (favourite), candles, toiletries, random unnecessary foodΒ  bits, flowers (recent addition), home decorations or home items, make up. I also like to pay for things for my family (which includes the above plus family shopping, spontaneous gifts etc), eating out (lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks etc). Goodness too many things!

So in order to get my life in order I am challenging myself to not buy anything unnecessary for a month – I know to some this will sound like a small amount of time but for me…it’s ashamedly not.

So starting from today I am challenging myself to not purchase anything (despite knowing I desperately need new work clothes (killing me!) spontaneously or anything unnecessary for a whole month. Obviously this does not include the weekly shop or any toiletry refills (shampoo etc). Hopefully I can see how much I can save in a month and fingers crossed I keep this up and increase my savings long term! πŸ™‚

So this means no more browsing the Zara, warehouse websites etc and unfortunately this means that I will also be cutting my restaurant dinners – basically eating out (groan) which will lead to even less restaurant reviews but the upside is 1) home made food, 2) healthy and 3) more experimenting (which I love to do). I will need to stop myself from buying a coffee from Pret – eek this is going to be very, very hard!


Wish me luck!

Let me know if anyone also feels like this about shopping?

Khannablog xxx

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Life, oh life…

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Thank you Des’ree for those sound words (anyone remember her?). Hope everyone is having a nice Easter weekend – I am loving the 4 day bank weekend, I think this should be made compulsory!

Anyway here are a few, or more than a few points I thought I would share with you all πŸ™‚


1. Cutting your hair actually gets rid of stress and worries. I was honestly having a really hard time with work and life recently so I made the last-minute decision to cut my hair and cut it shorter than it has been for a very long time. I know this is going to sound very cliche and cheesy but cutting my hair actually made me feel like I was cutting away my worries – I was happier, more relaxed and most definitely lighter πŸ™‚

2. Cauliflower rice – made it, tasted it but didn’t like it. You win some, you lose some.

3. So beauty serums, eye creams, anti-ageing creams etc – ok as you may have guessed by now they hold the calling cards for me to buy them but..what do they do exactly? When do I see the effects, what am I actually looking for? So actually yes I do buy them but…not sure what I am expecting these items to do and when I should or would be reaping the benefits. Oh dear…it sounds like a long, risky, pocket pinching waiting game! 😦

4. Obsessed with watching, actually confession time…I am a huge TV addict. So my current shows are: Game of Thrones (oh my goodness!!!!), The Following (eekkk!), The Mindy Project (love, love, love her and this show), The Great British Menu (great foodie programme – I want to be a judge, how does one apply?), Da Ali G show and Goodness Gracious Me on YouTube (soo funny!). Right so this actually proves how much time I spend in front of my laptop – lovely! But hey, watching TV shows is my escape πŸ™‚

5. New go to dinner – roast chicken salad.


6. Coconut is the new smell – loving anything coconut scented since I received the Sleek MakeUp pout polish! Can’t get enough of this.


7. SO SO SO excited about the new X-Men movie. I am a huge and very geeky X-Men fan and I could literally pee in my pants because I am so excited!!

8. Garlic infused olive oil – Where have you been all my life?

9. Since joining the boot camp I have found my attitude for trying new things and getting things done has changed dramatically. I now never think, I cannot do something or I am not able – I CAN and I WILL! This has crossed work, life and exercise boundaries! (Still not hot on the nutrition though – no one can take fresh bread and potatoes away from me).

10. I now drink coffee with no sugar – hooray. I know I made a huge deal about this in a previous post, but actually it doesn’t taste too bad at fact I quite enjoy it.

11. Apologies to Laura Mercier and the tinted moisturiser review.., I now like it, a lot (a little too greasy/shiny still) but I use it whenever I go out now along with my Laura Mercier powder and (sometimes) newly purchased Laura Mercier concealer…you may see a pattern here..Love you Laura Mercier.

12. Decided to quickly curl my hair before work last week (I have not curled my hair in over 3/4 months) and consequently burnt my face as a result – Brilliant! Long burn line across my left cheek πŸ™‚

and last but not least…

13. Need to add a parent control or some kind of barrier or lock to the Zara website!Β  I have no self-control when it comes to this shop! Any tips on how to save my account from drying up?!

That’s all folks, hope you liked my little snippet of life related points!

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Much love

Khannablog xxx

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The Grandma special #2 – Spud you Stud!

•April 15, 2014 • 2 Comments

Before I start blabbering, I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who visits, reads and follows my blog. I now have over 100 followers, which to me is amazing so thank you very much :). I love all your comments and messages so keep them coming.


Welcome to the second edition of my ‘Home therapies’ series inspired by my (late) amazing grandma.

2) Home made tricks to reduce dark circles.

I remember my grandma always saying that the best remedy for anything Β is always using something nature has provided.

Dark circles has always been an issue for me and my sister, I think this is unfortunately a hereditary defect that has been with both me and my sister since our late teens (late late nights at uni for pretty much 3 years didn’t help ;)). To be honest, I have only recently started to dabble in the concealer and eye brightening make up bits and bobs but before this there was…the humble spud trick.

She would always say the best way to get rid/reduce dark circles was to: 1) of course get enough sleep, 2) not spend too much time gazing at a monitor and… 3) by using thin slices of potato.

What you need:

Any raw potato type

What now?

(This is usually best done before bed)

Thinly slice the potato, about 4 slices (the thinner the better), 2 slices per eye. Rub the 1/2 slice around the eye so all the potato juice is on the areas that you do not like/darker shade, this needs to be done on both eyes. Place the last two slices on top of your eyes before falling asleep or for half an hour before you go to bed, then remove and sleep soundly :).

The potato juice helps reduce the darkness (sorry -I do not know the exact science behind this) and the slices on top of the eyes cool the eyes and in fact reduce any puffiness. This does not work immediately but after daily use for about 2 weeks the effects are hugely noticeable!! – Thank you very much Grandma! This tip is very inexpensive and time efficient, it does not involve a multitude of night time rituals; really it is: Slice, Wipe and Leave πŸ™‚ simples

Move aside make up, the humble SPUD STUD is where it is at! It actually produces much better and of course natural results than any make up I have used. πŸ™‚ I must confess I do not use this dark circle trick as much as I should, mainly because I am super lazy but I do try to do a couple of weeks before I have a holiday or event coming up πŸ™‚ All I know is, that this trick most definitely works, it does not get rid of them altogether because nothing can actually truly do that but it does make the darker areas fade and give a more even and brighter tone.


FYI: If you fall asleep with the slices on just be aware you will find shriveled up potato slices saying hello when you wake up :).

(A small new potato can last up to a week in the fridge if solely used for this purpose, otherwise 1/4 or 1/2 a large potato can last up to 2 weeks. The left over potatoes can always be thrown in to your cooking πŸ™‚

Let me know if you try this.

Much love khannablog xxx

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