Confessions of a shopaholic…

This is another short life post to declare my addiction to shopping and you will be pleased to know I do not discriminate, I have my favourites but…I have no prejudices when shopping.


Ok so I am not as bad as Isla Fisher in the ‘Confessions of a shopaholic movie’ but..if let loose, I could get very close! 😦 I am a very spontaneous shopper and buy things there and then if I like them – not a very logical or money efficient way believe me!

My shopping habits span from: clothes (favourite), jewellery (favourite), candles, toiletries, random unnecessary food  bits, flowers (recent addition), home decorations or home items, make up. I also like to pay for things for my family (which includes the above plus family shopping, spontaneous gifts etc), eating out (lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks etc). Goodness too many things!

So in order to get my life in order I am challenging myself to not buy anything unnecessary for a month – I know to some this will sound like a small amount of time but for me…it’s ashamedly not.

So starting from today I am challenging myself to not purchase anything (despite knowing I desperately need new work clothes (killing me!) spontaneously or anything unnecessary for a whole month. Obviously this does not include the weekly shop or any toiletry refills (shampoo etc). Hopefully I can see how much I can save in a month and fingers crossed I keep this up and increase my savings long term! 🙂

So this means no more browsing the Zara, warehouse websites etc and unfortunately this means that I will also be cutting my restaurant dinners – basically eating out (groan) which will lead to even less restaurant reviews but the upside is 1) home made food, 2) healthy and 3) more experimenting (which I love to do). I will need to stop myself from buying a coffee from Pret – eek this is going to be very, very hard!


Wish me luck!

Let me know if anyone also feels like this about shopping?

Khannablog xxx

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~ by khannablog on April 26, 2014.

3 Responses to “Confessions of a shopaholic…”

  1. I have also had to ban myself for the month of May from shopping…so I totally understand what you are going though! I’ve done it before- 4 days in, it gets easier! X

  2. Phew..glad it gets easier! Good luck for your ban, let me know how it goes. xx

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