The final confessions of a shopaholic

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I have been so busy with work and life, mostly work! 😦

So my last post was my ‘no (unnecessary) shopping’ challenge and let me tell you, it has been hard! I just looked back at how many days it has been and humiliatingly it has only been 11 days (bloody hell) it feels like a month or more since I publicly announced my challenge for the month!

But…I must confess… yesterday night…I cracked and I did some online shopping! – I have no will power! Argh – so really I only lasted 10 days not buying anything unnecessary…Oh dear, I am so ashamed! And as the picture says..Epic failure!

Fear-of-failureBut I thought I would share my ‘resisting shopping’ journey:

1) Everything, I mean everything (now that I have stopped myself buying things) is enticing. Even random magazines that I would never buy anyway! – Bloody hell!

2) I want everything I watch, for example watching a beauty  video, TV show, food show – I want it all…the food, the new lip product, a similar top! – Seriously?!

3) You find everything you want and have been looking for, for what you believe is most of your life, when your wallet is on lock down. For example the top and jeans of your dreams on sale! – Are you kidding!!!!!!! (this was very hard to refuse!)

4) You have booked a beach holiday and realise you do not own any beach attire and let alone the essential swimsuit! I am not a swimsuit wearer and I have not worn or owned one in probably 7 years! – Bloody fantastic!

5) You want to buy a takeaway, even though you never do this and actually love to cook just so you can buy something – Pete’s sake!

6) You are now feeling overly generous and want to buy the whole world for your family and friends and pay for everything for no particular reason . This is where the challenge has paid off – score and at the same time WTF!

7) You realise you need a new wardrobe immediately. Everything is wrong or old, work, going out, t-shirts, jeans, shoes…everything! – Bleep, Bleep, mother Bleep…

I resisted until last night when I decided I need to buy a swimsuit for my upcoming holiday because I have a funny feeling this is probably not the easiest purchase one can make a couple of days before you leave!

To me it seemed like as soon as I stopped myself buying things, I wanted to spend my money more and more on useless junk I would never usually think about let alone buy.

The moral of the story (for me at least) – do not put a big a fat NO against anything because it makes you want it more, instead make a conscious decision to be more careful!

So off I go to browse the Zara website…hopefully I won’t binge shop! 🙂

Has anyone else tried this and failed, or succeeded.

Much love khannablog

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~ by khannablog on May 8, 2014.

2 Responses to “The final confessions of a shopaholic”

  1. It’s always the case that as soon as something is a ‘no go’ you want it even more! 10 days is not too bad, it’s not your fault there’s so many temptations out there 😉

  2. Thanks and I completely agree, as soon as I say no to something I want it even more. Story of my life!! My biggest temptation is Zara – I just cant keep away! Eek

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