‘It’s been a long time…I shouldn’t have left you’

I know I have been away for a long time – so apologies for that! It was a combination of work, life, writers block and losing my blog mojo but I am back now (hopefully).

So why not start with my highs and lows of the past months…

High – Low

1) Laura Mercier – oh goodness have I found my soul make up mate. So I started off with buying the pressed foundation powder…then it was lovely wallet pinching down-hill spiral…the illuminating tinted moisturiser, the concealer and recently the oil free foundation have become residents of my make up box! And I am eyeing up the oil free tinted moisturiser….thank you Laura!

2) WhatsApp – so incredibly addictive and who wants to communicate through anything else. I actually hate ‘regular’ texting now – so boring, so last season ;). Anyone else feel the same?


3) http://www.shopdixi.com – the jewellery…oh my god!! I want…so much! So many things I could buy, it was as if this jewellery was made for me! I really need self control for this website. Check it out, the items on here are amaazing! http://www.shopdixi.com/

4) Low back tops – my new thing! I am obsessed with this style, I need more…in any colour, any style! Eeek!

5) True Blood – is back and for the last season! Noooo…love love love this show! Oh Eric and Alseed….ouch too hot!


6) The Kardashians – So, I am a little obsessed. They are all sooo fit! New girl crush is Kylie Jenner!

7) Exercise – before my boot camp days I could go months, years even without working out but…now I cannot stand even a week. Recently have finished a month of fasting, where I could not go and it killed me….and I cannot wait (actually excited) to go back and become sweaty and feel the burn! (What is wrong with me?!)

8) Make up – I have never really been a huge make up junkie until recently where it seemed I would buy anything under the sun and then started to wear concealer, powder, blush to work…which 1) takes time, 2) boring, 3) isn’t necessary so now I am reverting to the other extreme of not wearing much/anything! I prefer my no make up days in fact and will brave work and my horrible  life sucking meetings without make up! – Lets see how long this lasts!

9) Instagram – finally decided I will join. I agree it is very addictive but…a bit over rated and frankly self obsessive…which I think is the point but hey..I will still glance at the fashion pictures, food porn and prev over hot celebrities! 😉


10) Men – I dont want to men bash but seriously….some, well most I have come across are absolute pricks! And I am tired of being messed up about. So F U men!!

That’s all folks

Anyone else agree with my list?

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Khannablog xxx

(All pictures taken from google images)

~ by khannablog on July 28, 2014.

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