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I decided to let you all know my empty products before I throw them in the bin. 🙂

 The contestants:

1) Emma Hardie Morninga Cleanser

2) Guerlain Meteorites Perles Base Collector

3) Bioderma Sensibio H20 – Michelle Solution

4) Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

5) Maybelline Volum’ Express Megaplush




The verdict:

1) Love, love, love this cleanser! I have repurchased a big tub in addition to a travel sized cleanser (which was well used in Barcelona). I have a few comments about my complexion recently and the only thing that has changed is the use of this cleanser, so I owe everything to this amazing, amazing cleanser! This makes me feel so clean, moisturised and nourished – ahhh love this product. I am sure I have written about this before and no guessing, I would MOST DEFINITELY recommend this! Buy this! 10/10

2) This was my first primer purchase after watching Millie Makintosh on the (this was the first video that inspired my beauty obsession). I think I was drawn to the ‘dewy and glowy’ skin properties it claims sooo…had to buy it. It was rather on the expensive side for a first primer purchase but it lasted for about 6 months so a little goes a long way. I am not sure if I would repurchase, only because I do not have anything to compare it to and it was a quite expensive but I definitely enjoyed the benefits of a primer – it really does keep your make up on for longer! Brilliant for long, lengthy, tedious, draining work meetings. The only gripe I have for this product is that the liquid seems to solidify quite quickly especially at the tip of the pump, which is a little annoying. It did not really make my skin dewy and glowy so not worth the money if it is purchased only for that reason (which is what I did!).  6/10

3) Purchased after watching a string of beauty videos about how to take off eye make up properly – noticeably the Lisa Eldridge make up removal video. Loved this product and didn’t realise how much this product removes until I had finished this bottle! I ordered this smaller bottle first because I wanted to try it out and I am very thankful for housing the smaller bottle to choose from. I have repurchased a bigger bottle (250ml) and at the time of the online buy, they were offering a 2 for 1 – score! However it does take a few goes/tugs to remove waterproof and normal mascara, which is a bit of a bummer but I can live with that 🙂

(I am waiting for the bottles to arrive and I am dying without it :() 8.5/10

4) Thankfully money did not have to leave my account for this product (phew) as I received this from my February Glossybox. I had high hopes for this as I have been using Maybelline mascaras for a while but…unfortunately it did not do anything for me. I did make my eyelashes look longer but it did not add any thickness and I did not really find the lower lashes wand having any benefit, in fact it highlighted the mascara element to them (made them look clumpy) – which I did not particularly like as I prefer the ‘eau natural’ look. I actually started to use the upper lashes wand on the lower lashes near the end of this mascara’s life ironically because this gave me more of a natural look. I was really surprised with how quickly this mascara dried up and started to flake during the day (Argh!!) – it only really lasted a month!

All in all thumbs down for me, no repurchasing going on here! 3/10

5) This gel mouse mascara I initially liked, it gave my lashes a very natural feel (soft and not clumpy) and gave a little length however it did not give much or any volume (which I thought was the point of this mascara!). This was my first purchase of a non-waterproof mascara because 1) life is too short to stick to one thing and 2) I couldn’t find my go to (love) Volum’ Express the Colossal mascara. It was easy to take off but it did not last throughout the whole day and started to flake nearer the end of its life. I liked using the fat wand and perhaps a waterproof version may make a difference but I am in no hurry to go out and repurchase. In all honesty I probably will not repurchase at all! 5/10

That’s all folks – let me know if you have used any of these products and hope this has been helpful. 🙂

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Much love Khannablog xxx



‘Eggs’actly what I need!

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Apologies about the cheesy title but I just couldn’t resist!


So I know I should make lunch for work because a) it saves me money, b) saves me money and c) saves me money. Plus side obviously because I cooked the food, I know what is in there but I am soo lazy I can’t be bothered! Oops!


Someone mentioned that they bake a vegetable omelette on sunday night and they eat it for breakfast and lunch for about 2 days after. So this got me thinking (which is not a good idea), ..something I could cook that would save me time in the morning and money overall…HELLOOO got to try this!

I knew the basic recipe but true ‘khannablog’ style I like to improvise. This recipe is actually a really good way of getting rid of vegetables or anything that needs to be used up, so that’s exactly what I did. 🙂


  • Box of mushrooms
  • 2 red peppers
  • A bunch of spring onions
  • Half a broccoli
  • A bunch of coriander
  • 5 eggs

Now what:

1) Chop all the vegetables (slice or chop – it doesn’t matter really).


2) Add oil (approx 1/2 tsp) into a frying pan and once it is hot add all the vegetables.

3) Put the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

3) Season to taste – I tend to add a bit more seasoning then I would normally to a vegetable stir fry. For this dish I added half a vegetable stock cube, salt, pepper, mixed spice, dash of lemon juice and dried chilli flakes.


4) Let the vegetables cook until they are soft-ish (probably about 10/15 mins) this depends on the types of vegetables you use. Season to taste again

5) While this is cooking, whisk 5 eggs and add a dash of milk. Add a pinch of salt and I like to add a few more chilli flakes here (love my chilli!)

6) Tip all the cooked vegetables into a small/medium oven dish and spread them around. Now add the egg mixture making sure it covers the bottom of the pan.


7) Sprinkle coriander (spinach leaves are a nice substitute here) onto the mixture.

8) Pop the mixture in the oven and let it cook for about 25 mins (or until the mixture turns a golden brown).


This recipe is so flexible and can be substituted with a number of different things such as kidney beans, chicken, cheese etc.

Hey presto! Done – either eat it then or wait till it cools, cut and put in a box for lunch! Even the weird boot camp nutrition rules could say yes to this! Healthy, easy and time efficient and of course yummy! YAY

20140330_213516 (1)

Let me know what you think.

Much love

Khannablog xxx

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The Grandma special #1 – softly, softly…

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So this is my first post in my ‘Home therapies’ series which will include food and beauty bits and bobs. This series is inspired by my amazingly beautiful grandmother who passed away recently; she was an advocate for organic, home-made beauty and food! Great for me, not so much for my belly! 😦

images (4)



1) Home-made face mask – soft and calm skin.

I think this is one of the first beauty advice my grandmother gave me when I was about 15 (when I had absolutely no interest in doing anything for myself except for eating pizza, snickers and refreshers (anyone remember those?) and watching the matrix)! But thank you grandma, it bloody works!

This very simple, home-made mask can be made with few house hold ingredients, little/no elbow grease and makes the skin lovely and smooth and calms the skin if you are having a bad skin day or feel you need to give it a break from every day life, make up etc.

What you need:

  • Yoghurt (any type)
  • Lemon juice (fresh or bottled; fresh better)
  • Honey

What now?

  • 1/2 tsps of yoghurt into a bowl
  • 1 tsp of lemon juice
  • 1 tsp of honey

Mix all together and on a cleansed and freshly washed face apply the mask with either fingers or brush (whatever you prefer). If you have some left over in the bowl this usually keeps for a week or so 🙂

It usually takes a couple of minutes to dry – it is a transparent colour which is always good. I don’t have a recommended time to keep it on but I usually take it off after about 20 mins or so.

Wash off as you do normally and I kid you not, your skin will feel a lot smoother than it was before and what I have found is if you keep this up every week – it gets better and better. You will find yourself stroking your own face (yes I have done this – epic fail on the train!) so beware! 🙂

Let me know if you try it 🙂

Much love Khannablog xxx

Glossy Box – Final edition!

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So I have decided to write a post to avoid the mountains of work I have waiting for me in my work inbox and a list of items that need to get done in my work ‘to do’ book and plus…its a Sunday! 😦

This is the final glossy box post unfortunately but not to worry I am planning on starting a series of beauty posts based on things you can do at home that can actually rival products you buy.


Back to the March glossy box, the box this time was the same ‘pink’ box I had been sent for the January month which is fine but I had hoped it would be another nicely decorated/patterned box. However again a great storage item! 🙂


The March box contained:

1) Mitchell and Peach – Body Cream: hmm..don’t need this but nice travel size

It has a weird rosy, ‘oldie’ type of smell which I didn’t like much but it could be used in an emergency ‘no cream’ situation or for travel. It would be my very, very last resort though, I am a very smell orientated person when it comes to creams! 🙂

2) Sleek MakeUP – Pout Polish: don’t mind if I do!

God knows I don’t need any more lip balm types of products but this tinted balm smells soo nice and leaves your lips looking healthy and moisturised. I have even replaced my best friend Carmex which this bad boy! Love it. Thumbs up Glossy box!

3) Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd – Shimmer Powders: ahhh man!

I am not an eye shadow wearing person, let alone a shimmery metallic eye shadow at that. So this was a bit of a disappointment for me but I could see how this would be a great product for someone who wore eye shadow or wanted to experiment with different colours 🙂

4) Helenere – Maitrise du Temps: yes, yes, YES!

So this product is an intensive serum that is meant to prevent skin ageing so as you may have guessed, a leapt for joy! I cannot believe how much of a sucker I am becoming for anything that mentions ‘anti-ageing’ or ‘age preservation’ etc -my logical brain apparently gets pushed aside quite briskly when I come across items like these – oh dear for my wallet! I have used it a couple of times, the bottle even looks expensive which makes me think…it must work – not entirely sure what the physical effects will be but anywho, I was definitely happy with this product, thank you again glossy box! 🙂

5) Dove Hair Therapy – Intensive Repair 60 Seconds Treatment Shot: uhhh…probably not for me!


I would probably not use this at all unfortunately so it has been adopted by my sister, not sure if she will use it either to be honest! A bit of a wasted product in my opinion.

The products in my final box did make me happy as I have already started using three of them, so it did exceed my expectations however unfortunately has not made me want to subscribe again but thank you very much glossy box for all your boxes and items so far it was rather nice to receive the box in the post every month!

Has anyone had any positive beauty box experiences?

Much love Khannablog xxx

Bale Barcelona!

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I have just come back from a mini break in Barcelona and thought I would give you a snapshot into my holiday. 🙂

Loved the city, loved the architecture and sites – so, so much to do, easy to get around but unfortunately I  did not have enough time to sample everything in this beautiful city (only stayed 2 nights). I would definitely recommend this city as a holiday destination, mini break or romantic break. I am itching to go back because I feel my departure was premature 😦 and in fact it is one of the first cities I have visited that I would really love to live in and just absorb the Barcelona life – so as you may have guessed, huge HUGE thumbs up from me.

Not much to report on the food front to be honest, this is the first holiday food took a back seat, I was so distracted by the amount of things you can do in this city I forgot to think about food! Very very strange for me! However big regret is not having freshly caught prawn fried in a small stall located in the Market, the smell and look was to die for – I unfortunately had just eaten! Argh so irritating!!

Downside is that everything (food, travel, taxi’s etc) seems to be a bit more expensive than the UK despite the Euro being worth less than the pound. So I would watch the pennies as you can easily spend much more than first anticipated!

Enjoy my snippets 🙂 (not in any order): food stalls in Mercat de la Boqueria on La Rambla, Parc Guell, Arc de Triomf and Sagrada Familia.






I was born with the travelling/exploring bug so please let me know if there are any places you would recommend to visit.

Much love Khannablog xx

Glossy Box – round 2.

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I know it is March, so apologies it took so long to write about the next ‘glossy box’ installment.


The box this time was even nicer than the January box (black with different coloured lips), I am not really a pink/girly girly sort of person but I like this box and it now proudly sits on my chest of drawers housing all my make up!


The February box contained:

1) Nougat London – Sparkling Body Shimmer: thank you

(Came in a ‘fairy’ pink bottle which reminded me very much of my little sister’s starter make up kit! So I was not intrigued and it did not smell nice so thumbs down)

2) Eldora – Eyelashes: great – don’t need these!

(I am not a false eyelashes person so I have happily handed these over to my sister. However I can see how someone that would wear these or would like to wear these, would like these).

3) Ciate London – Paint Pot: blimey!!

(I am not a nails/nail varnish person so I was not thrilled. I am a short, clean nails type of gal! But again I can see how a nail varnish person would like this).

4) Giovanni – Eco Chic cosmectics – Chic ultra-moist range: hmmm…maybe…possibly?!

(The pack I had contained a trio of samples – shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask. This was nice, not sure when I will ever use them…hopefully soon).

5) Maybelline New York – Big Eyes Mascara: YES!!! hell yes!

(I have seen a few reviews and videos about this mascara and was umming and ahhing about buying this but glossy box made my decision for me (gracias)  – I have used this today and I liked it, I love the fact that it has a specific low lashes. Generally I like maybelline mascaras so I was happy :)).

6) Lindt – Lindor Treat Bar: Thank you very much! 🙂 [Extra Treat]

(Lovely treat to be honest and arrived just in time for that monthly chocolate craving! Very, very nice!).


Unfortunately I was not completely happy with the box and cannot really justify spending £12.99 on items that I a) don’t use b) don’t want and c) may be all together lower in price than the amount I spend on the box. So  have decided (surprise surprise) to cancel my subscription. This unfortunately means I am back to square one in my beauty search but fortunately £12.99 better off every month (that could pay for a few scones+clotted cream and jam :). I think I have been charged for the March box, so I will let you all know what that is like…

On a positive note…I did really like the boxes the items came in, they have become very handy as nice storage items, the mascara and the chocolate!! 🙂

Much love Khannablog xxx

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Another Pantry full of goodies…

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THE PANTRY – Unit 17, The Guineas Shopping Centre, Newmarket, CB8 8EQ

On a lovely sunny day my friend and I decided to go out for a spontaneous brunch and we found this cafe voted the number one restaurant in New Market, so off we went!

The decor of the restaurant/cafe cute, modern and airy – it reminded me of a British version of Carluccio’s. The end near the door housed shelves of homemade and local produce; from jams to biscuits to sauces to oriental crackers. Yum! At another end there was big shelf with oils, jars of olives I believe, coffee granules etc. I loved the look of this place and all the small touches, if I were to build my own cafe I would want it to look like this! It was homely but had a nice modern and fresh touch at the same time.

image (5)

The atmosphere was warming, busy and lively with people of all ages (students, pensioners, families and couples). We were addressed nearly immediately by very friendly staff and were seated within 5 minutes of arriving.

There were a number of different things on the lunch menu that I/we could have chosen such a seared tuna steak, vegetable stir fry (specials), salads etc. However we eventually decided to share a platter of Bottisham smoked fish with potato salad and baguette as were weren’t starving so decided not to get a dish each. I also ordered a latte (standard) and my friend ordered an apple, ginger fruit juice.


The food arrived about 5-10 minutes after we ordered which gave me just enough time to have my caffeine fix (has to be done) and for a nice gossip. The food arrived on a large wooden board, with a number of different smoked fish pieces, with cut pieces of baguette, a pot of potato salad and a nice rocket salad. We were a little uncertain when it first arrive whether or not it would be enough for us (as we have very, very ‘healthy’ appetites) but boy were we wrong. We were quite stuffed after we had finished and that is saying a lot.

We figured out the nice fish collection on the board consisted of smoked salmon slices, smoked salmon fillet and a few pieces mackerel. The fish placed on the crusty baguette with a little of the rocket salad (which was seasoned with a mustard dressing) was perfection! I never really use mustard in my cooking but..oh my I definitely will be buying a jar and trying to recreate the dressing because it had such a nice peppery kick and tasted amazing! There is absolutely nothing bad I could say about the food – it was very, very moreish, tasty, packed full of flavour and relatively healthy (bonus points)! The potato salad was also scrummy. I am so glad we picked this dish because it was to die for!

After exhausting ourselves eating (it hard work eating good food!) or should I say inhaling the platter we decided we needed to treat ourselves for our efforts (obviously!). My friend mentioned that I always talk about scones and clotted cream so I should go for that and after much deliberation (none at all!!) I decided to order a plain scone with clotted cream and jam. Even writing about it now is making my mouth water! My friend ordered the same but picked a fruit scone instead. Because I am such a fatty I even mentioned to my friend that one scone may not be enough….how wrong I was!

image (7)

The scones arrived about 5 mins after we ordered with the addition of our hot drinks. It looked lush – it was warm, huge (yes!!) with homemade raspberry jam and clotted cream! I was in heaven! We spent no time getting stuck in. I have to say that the scones were the best I have tasted in a very long time – they were crumbly, sweet and went perfectly with the homemade jam (which was sweet and had perfect amount of sharpness) and of course the clotted cream. I have a big appetite as you may have all guessed by now but…this scone made the better of me, it laughed in my face – I just could not finish it and I hate leaving food. I think I could eat half of it 😦 I was so gutted because they tasted so good!

image (14)

Verdict: I would MOST definitely go again

Loved the food, decor, ambience and portion size. I cannot wait to battle it out with the scones again and see if I win this time ;)! It was fine food at a great price. I remember seeing an award on the counter table for best-start up business of 2013 – they definitely deserved it – congratulations!

Food: 9/10

  • Ambience: busy, laid back and lively
  • Decor: cute, homely and modern
  • Service: good and attentive
  • Value for money: yes definitely  – however we did share a dish so keep that in mind.
  • Price: ££

( 2 latte’s, 1 tea, 2 scones with clotted cream and jam, apple and ginger juice and smoked fish platter = £24 (excluding service charge). – they are on wordpress, yay – check them out!

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