Glossy Box – Final edition!

So I have decided to write a post to avoid the mountains of work I have waiting for me in my work inbox and a list of items that need to get done in my work ‘to do’ book and plus…its a Sunday! 😦

This is the final glossy box post unfortunately but not to worry I am planning on starting a series of beauty posts based on things you can do at home that can actually rival products you buy.


Back to the March glossy box, the box this time was the same ‘pink’ box I had been sent for the January month which is fine but I had hoped it would be another nicely decorated/patterned box. However again a great storage item! 🙂


The March box contained:

1) Mitchell and Peach – Body Cream: hmm..don’t need this but nice travel size

It has a weird rosy, ‘oldie’ type of smell which I didn’t like much but it could be used in an emergency ‘no cream’ situation or for travel. It would be my very, very last resort though, I am a very smell orientated person when it comes to creams! 🙂

2) Sleek MakeUP – Pout Polish: don’t mind if I do!

God knows I don’t need any more lip balm types of products but this tinted balm smells soo nice and leaves your lips looking healthy and moisturised. I have even replaced my best friend Carmex which this bad boy! Love it. Thumbs up Glossy box!

3) Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd – Shimmer Powders: ahhh man!

I am not an eye shadow wearing person, let alone a shimmery metallic eye shadow at that. So this was a bit of a disappointment for me but I could see how this would be a great product for someone who wore eye shadow or wanted to experiment with different colours 🙂

4) Helenere – Maitrise du Temps: yes, yes, YES!

So this product is an intensive serum that is meant to prevent skin ageing so as you may have guessed, a leapt for joy! I cannot believe how much of a sucker I am becoming for anything that mentions ‘anti-ageing’ or ‘age preservation’ etc -my logical brain apparently gets pushed aside quite briskly when I come across items like these – oh dear for my wallet! I have used it a couple of times, the bottle even looks expensive which makes me think…it must work – not entirely sure what the physical effects will be but anywho, I was definitely happy with this product, thank you again glossy box! 🙂

5) Dove Hair Therapy – Intensive Repair 60 Seconds Treatment Shot: uhhh…probably not for me!


I would probably not use this at all unfortunately so it has been adopted by my sister, not sure if she will use it either to be honest! A bit of a wasted product in my opinion.

The products in my final box did make me happy as I have already started using three of them, so it did exceed my expectations however unfortunately has not made me want to subscribe again but thank you very much glossy box for all your boxes and items so far it was rather nice to receive the box in the post every month!

Has anyone had any positive beauty box experiences?

Much love Khannablog xxx


~ by khannablog on March 23, 2014.

2 Responses to “Glossy Box – Final edition!”

  1. Hi, I hadn’t heard of the glossybox before now, so did a quick search and it sounds interesting. Would you say it’s worth paying for? Also, if you get a moment please can you check out my new blog 🙂 xx

  2. I would say it is worth the money if you are already a makeup and beauty fanatic but not if you are started to explore or don’t know much about beauty – but that’s just my opinion. I was a bit disappointed with the products to be honest 🙂

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