Glossy Box – round 2.

I know it is March, so apologies it took so long to write about the next ‘glossy box’ installment.


The box this time was even nicer than the January box (black with different coloured lips), I am not really a pink/girly girly sort of person but I like this box and it now proudly sits on my chest of drawers housing all my make up!


The February box contained:

1) Nougat London – Sparkling Body Shimmer: thank you

(Came in a ‘fairy’ pink bottle which reminded me very much of my little sister’s starter make up kit! So I was not intrigued and it did not smell nice so thumbs down)

2) Eldora – Eyelashes: great – don’t need these!

(I am not a false eyelashes person so I have happily handed these over to my sister. However I can see how someone that would wear these or would like to wear these, would like these).

3) Ciate London – Paint Pot: blimey!!

(I am not a nails/nail varnish person so I was not thrilled. I am a short, clean nails type of gal! But again I can see how a nail varnish person would like this).

4) Giovanni – Eco Chic cosmectics – Chic ultra-moist range: hmmm…maybe…possibly?!

(The pack I had contained a trio of samples – shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask. This was nice, not sure when I will ever use them…hopefully soon).

5) Maybelline New York – Big Eyes Mascara: YES!!! hell yes!

(I have seen a few reviews and videos about this mascara and was umming and ahhing about buying this but glossy box made my decision for me (gracias)  – I have used this today and I liked it, I love the fact that it has a specific low lashes. Generally I like maybelline mascaras so I was happy :)).

6) Lindt – Lindor Treat Bar: Thank you very much! 🙂 [Extra Treat]

(Lovely treat to be honest and arrived just in time for that monthly chocolate craving! Very, very nice!).


Unfortunately I was not completely happy with the box and cannot really justify spending £12.99 on items that I a) don’t use b) don’t want and c) may be all together lower in price than the amount I spend on the box. So  have decided (surprise surprise) to cancel my subscription. This unfortunately means I am back to square one in my beauty search but fortunately £12.99 better off every month (that could pay for a few scones+clotted cream and jam :). I think I have been charged for the March box, so I will let you all know what that is like…

On a positive note…I did really like the boxes the items came in, they have become very handy as nice storage items, the mascara and the chocolate!! 🙂

Much love Khannablog xxx

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~ by khannablog on March 10, 2014.

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