Another Pantry full of goodies…

THE PANTRY – Unit 17, The Guineas Shopping Centre, Newmarket, CB8 8EQ

On a lovely sunny day my friend and I decided to go out for a spontaneous brunch and we found this cafe voted the number one restaurant in New Market, so off we went!

The decor of the restaurant/cafe cute, modern and airy – it reminded me of a British version of Carluccio’s. The end near the door housed shelves of homemade and local produce; from jams to biscuits to sauces to oriental crackers. Yum! At another end there was big shelf with oils, jars of olives I believe, coffee granules etc. I loved the look of this place and all the small touches, if I were to build my own cafe I would want it to look like this! It was homely but had a nice modern and fresh touch at the same time.

image (5)

The atmosphere was warming, busy and lively with people of all ages (students, pensioners, families and couples). We were addressed nearly immediately by very friendly staff and were seated within 5 minutes of arriving.

There were a number of different things on the lunch menu that I/we could have chosen such a seared tuna steak, vegetable stir fry (specials), salads etc. However we eventually decided to share a platter of Bottisham smoked fish with potato salad and baguette as were weren’t starving so decided not to get a dish each. I also ordered a latte (standard) and my friend ordered an apple, ginger fruit juice.


The food arrived about 5-10 minutes after we ordered which gave me just enough time to have my caffeine fix (has to be done) and for a nice gossip. The food arrived on a large wooden board, with a number of different smoked fish pieces, with cut pieces of baguette, a pot of potato salad and a nice rocket salad. We were a little uncertain when it first arrive whether or not it would be enough for us (as we have very, very ‘healthy’ appetites) but boy were we wrong. We were quite stuffed after we had finished and that is saying a lot.

We figured out the nice fish collection on the board consisted of smoked salmon slices, smoked salmon fillet and a few pieces mackerel. The fish placed on the crusty baguette with a little of the rocket salad (which was seasoned with a mustard dressing) was perfection! I never really use mustard in my cooking but..oh my I definitely will be buying a jar and trying to recreate the dressing because it had such a nice peppery kick and tasted amazing! There is absolutely nothing bad I could say about the food – it was very, very moreish, tasty, packed full of flavour and relatively healthy (bonus points)! The potato salad was also scrummy. I am so glad we picked this dish because it was to die for!

After exhausting ourselves eating (it hard work eating good food!) or should I say inhaling the platter we decided we needed to treat ourselves for our efforts (obviously!). My friend mentioned that I always talk about scones and clotted cream so I should go for that and after much deliberation (none at all!!) I decided to order a plain scone with clotted cream and jam. Even writing about it now is making my mouth water! My friend ordered the same but picked a fruit scone instead. Because I am such a fatty I even mentioned to my friend that one scone may not be enough….how wrong I was!

image (7)

The scones arrived about 5 mins after we ordered with the addition of our hot drinks. It looked lush – it was warm, huge (yes!!) with homemade raspberry jam and clotted cream! I was in heaven! We spent no time getting stuck in. I have to say that the scones were the best I have tasted in a very long time – they were crumbly, sweet and went perfectly with the homemade jam (which was sweet and had perfect amount of sharpness) and of course the clotted cream. I have a big appetite as you may have all guessed by now but…this scone made the better of me, it laughed in my face – I just could not finish it and I hate leaving food. I think I could eat half of it 😦 I was so gutted because they tasted so good!

image (14)

Verdict: I would MOST definitely go again

Loved the food, decor, ambience and portion size. I cannot wait to battle it out with the scones again and see if I win this time ;)! It was fine food at a great price. I remember seeing an award on the counter table for best-start up business of 2013 – they definitely deserved it – congratulations!

Food: 9/10

  • Ambience: busy, laid back and lively
  • Decor: cute, homely and modern
  • Service: good and attentive
  • Value for money: yes definitely  – however we did share a dish so keep that in mind.
  • Price: ££

( 2 latte’s, 1 tea, 2 scones with clotted cream and jam, apple and ginger juice and smoked fish platter = £24 (excluding service charge). – they are on wordpress, yay – check them out!


~ by khannablog on March 3, 2014.

2 Responses to “Another Pantry full of goodies…”

  1. I love these types of post! Isn’t it amazing to find places like that spontaneously and end up loving it?
    I also love the presentation of the food. Very interesting.

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