Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF20 Illuminating review

My first product view – hope you like it :): Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturier SPF20 Illuminating.


In my newly found beauty obsession I am in the search for a good foundation. I generally use a tinted moisturiser when I go out or have something important to go but otherwise I just wear powder (Laura Mercier in fact :)) for work and the weekend.

But after watching a number of YouTube videos and beauty blogs I decided to join the crowd and invest/find a foundation but… I am quite lazy and hopeless at spending time after time at a beauty counter with someone (who is wearing so much make up it is quite alarming) and try and ask about a foundation that will suit me (oh dear not good!)

I had read a few good reviews about the YSL serum foundation and the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser so I decided to spontaneously purchase the latter during a flying visit to John Lewis. I tried on the first colour they matched, looked ok in the mirrors… I practically breathed ‘yes I’ll take it’ in 5 seconds.

I was looking forward to using this and I got my chance this week for a number of different events.It has a weird metallic texture when applied (rather like what I imagine fake tan would look like!),  it is light, a little sticky but does give a glow/dewy natural finish. However it highlighted and in fact exaggerated my under eye imperfections. I don’t particularly suffer from puffy under eyes made it seem that I suffered from puffiness and very deep fine lines under eyes (which I may have but no one wants to show these!). I did not realise it did until I saw a couple of photos that were taken this week and noticed the glaring problem – I looked like I had aged 10 years – ouch! And because it was so soon after my birthday I depressingly attributed this problem to my growing age!

But…after a few hours of reflection I have realised that the probability of ageing 10 years in a week is not very likely (well I bloody hope not anyway) and the only thing that had changed, was the use of this moisturiser. So this moisturiser seems good for the dewy finish across the cheeks for a natural high light but I would stay clear using this around the eye area (age twenties and above). To be honest I was a bit dissapointed with this product, especially because of the price and the raving reviews – I expected a lot more. I also find that this moisturiser is borderline too sparkly and dewy – it can look shimmery in the light, which is not really what you want for a natural look.



Verdict: would use again but not for a very important event, more for lunch with friends etc but will definitely make sure I do not apply it around my eyes. I do not think I would re purchase.

  • Price: ££ – approx £30
  • Value for money: not really, it is quite expensive for what it is
  • Beauty lesson of the day: do not buy beauty items spontaneously and mirrors in the beauty counters are not best for judging colour and shine.

Dewy natural finish, easy to apply and gives a lovely highlight on the cheeks however it can bring forth the demon wrinkles and puffy eyes if put under the eye area. On reflection I would have liked to get a sample before buying the tube there and then!

My foundation search continues…

Does anyone else like Laura Mercier products or has this moisturiser?

Much love

(All images taken from google)


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