Glossy Box #1

I have only recently started buying/exploring beauty products and watching many YouTube videos mainly because a) I am getting older and I fear the wrinkle take over and b) think it is time I changed my beauty products (which have been the same since I was 18) – I not going to divulge how many years ago that was.

So in my new-found quest for all things beauty I decided to jump on the ‘subscription beauty box’ wagon to introduce me to new/different products and I came across… Glossy Box.


The idea is that you receive a box every month of different beauty products and brands (anything beauty related) to give you an idea of what is out there and for a fixed price you get a nice selection worth more than you would pay for in the shops. So for a virgin beauty buyer  like me, this sounded perfect as I really don’t know much about what is available apart from the standard mascara, lipstick and eyeliner! So I was quite excited to receive my first package because I had read that they can send some great array of products and reputable brands.

The box the items came in was a really nicely packaged hard plastic box so I was itching to rip the paper wrapping. On first impression it looked like it contained quite a few different products (yay) these were:


1) 2 Montagne jeunesse face masks, 2) anatomicals eye packs for puffy eyes x2, 3) Yu-Be Moisturizing skin cream x2, 4) Balance Me super toning body wash, 5) the vintage cosmetic company tweezers and a Glossy Box magazine.

However on closer inspection…the items were not what I was expecting. The website suggests that the box will contain items that equate to more than you have paid (£12.99)…errr which I thought was the whole idea/ethos behind these beauty boxes but honestly it did not give the impressions the items together were worth more at all and my calculations confirmed this.

* Body wash £10.25 for 250ml – I was given 50ml = £2.05

* Masks – 2 x £1 = £2

* Tweezers – apparently £8

* Skin cream £13.5 for 33g – I was given 2x3g = £2.45

Total: £14.50 (only £1.51 more!!).

The masks can be found at any supermarket, Boots or Superdrug for £1 each (have used these before), the bottle of shower gel looked relatively cheap (it didn’t even smell nice, smells very similar to a cheap hotel shower gel – not the best smell) and the skin cream miniature tubes are good for travel I guess so…as you may have guessed I was not impressed. The only worthwhile things from this package were the tweezers (which I will not use because I have a pair already (argh!), the magazine and the nice pink plastic box everything came in (perfect size for my jewellery – bonus).


Will definitely try the eye packs for my not so perfect dark circles and see if they do what they say on the packet – will keep you all informed.

Let’s see what is in store for next month…..

Has anyone else had any bad or good beauty box surprises?

Much love khannablog xxx


~ by khannablog on February 4, 2014.

2 Responses to “Glossy Box #1”

  1. aw that sucks that you weren’t thrilled about your first box. I only have one subscription for now (IPSY) and I’ve been happy about it.

    Hopefully your next box is better!

  2. I have heard that that subscription is good. I wasn’t thrilled but I am not sure what I was expecting (a whole make up bag perhaps hehe), wasn’t as bad as I made out. Hopefully next time will be better 🙂 xxx

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