‘No no, there’s no limit!’

I have recently joined a boot camp mainly to become fitter and to get me out of the house three days a week, yes that is three days a week!  (what have I got myself into?)

I have only been going for 2 weeks and I haven’t missed any sessions, I am honestly enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would – it has even bought forward the competitive side in me (I definitely did not know this existed!) as I generally hate any form of exercise apart from yoga!




However this boot camp is like no other, it works out my booty but it also comes with a nice set of rules -such as:

1) No porridgeSorry what???

2) No milkErr how am I supposed to drink my tea and coffee? 

3) No sugar yes fine but have you tasted coffee without sugar or milk?

4) No potatoesAre you serious? Not even a potato salad?!

5) No bread at allOh dear…not even brown or wholemeal bread? Apparently…NOT! This is sounding very much like the Atkins diet?

6) No olive oilgreat, just bought a new bottle!

7) Use coconut oil instead – I think I will be sick, mainly because I put this in my hair not in my food!!

8) Use coconut milk instead of dairyWhat?? Are you mad?! This sounds so strange, I can’t really see this working at Costa. ‘I’ll have a latte with coconut milk please, yes coconut, yes coconut milk….’ – this sounds too painful!

9) Two eggs everyday is OK – sorry have you heard about cholesterol?!

10) No bananas or yoghurt!F***’s sake!

So basically you may have guessed that I have not stuck to the rules and I am the only one in the group that hasn’t. For that I feel bad but as a foodie and someone who likes to eat and isn’t really interested in rapid weight loss, screw the weird rules!

I have however, to get in the interest of team spirit, purchased coconut milk, lots of eggs and cut my sugar in my coffee to 1/2 tsp. I haven’t had the muster to open the coconut milk and try this in my coffee or tea and…I am not sure I will. It may be used in a curry like recipe instead!

On a positive note though, I have had a boiled egg for breakfast instead of my standard porridge and it actually fills you up for a longer period of time, so I may incorporate this into my breakfast routine…if I have time…which I don’t…but if I did… I would…once in a while! 🙂

I think I eat pretty healthy, most of the time but I don’t think cutting out things you love completely is going to get you anywhere. This is from my 2 week experience of even being told I can’t have certain items. Moral of the story…EAT BREAD, DRINK MILK, POTATOES and for goodness sake YOGHURT!!! 🙂

Anyone else had any bizarre boot camp stories or has tried coffee with coconut milk?

Khannablog xxx

(image taken from google images).


~ by khannablog on January 29, 2014.

11 Responses to “‘No no, there’s no limit!’”

  1. Yikes, I would’ve lasted exactly one second with those rules as I sit here with my toast, banana and tea with milk. I think these over the top diet restrictions are unnecessary since you can probably yield the same results by just being attentive to what you eat. No excess!

    I do love me some coconut though :P. Also good for you for taking initiative to better your health!

  2. Thanks. Have you tried coconut milk in tea or coffee? Tea, toast and banana sounds grande! I think the rules are too much, i love bread too much! 🙂

    • Coconut milk no, but I tried putting coconut oil on my coffee once trying to incorporate the oil in my diet more but it’s too greasy (haha obviously) it tasted sooo good but a lot of the oil ended up sitting on top of the coffee. It’s bothersome because you get it all over your upperlip even though it tasted great.

  3. Good for you, surely the boot camp is enough without having to give up all that food! I’m definitely with you, I could never give up bread!

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  5. I nominated you for the Liebster Award!! Check my post out! http://etc7189.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/my-leibster-award/

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