I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…


So this is one of my first ‘beauty’ related posts and it is about…HAIR!! Hope you like it…

The one thing have in my cupboard at home is coconut oil. This is my go to beauty secret for my hair, when I feel it is : 1) getting a bit dry, 2) a bit limp and needs an omph, 3) has a bit  of dandruff or 4) I feel like a pamper day :).

I know applying hair oil has only now become quite popular but for me and my family, it has been around and talked about for generations. In fact it is, a given ritual you do, if you are a girl in my family!

My grandma always pointed out how her mother (and her mother’s mother) would put oil in her hair every evening before going to bed. Her hair was the envy of all our family; it was long, thick and shiny and soft (she was 80 years old). When she was quizzed on her hair, she was adamant that regularly using oil in her hair was the secret to her amazing looking and feeling hair. She also mentioned massaging the head/hair once the oil was on, was a MUST.

I suspect looking back on it now, it most probably played a big part in the condition of her hair but I think mixed with my grandma’s minimal use of chemical products and a ‘healthy’ Indian diet (fresh veggies and meat everyday) the combination was dynamite!

However – the use of oil, in my hair at least does wonders. I always feel like it has a new lease of life (actually not exaggerating), it also becomes bouncy, really soft to the touch which is incredibly addictive and odd (stroking one’s own hair in public) and feels really well conditioned – so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has the above four problems (listed above) or is curious about it.


How do I use it?

1) I tend to use ‘KTC Pure coconut oil’ – only because this is the one my mum has been using on me since I was little, I am sure any brand of oil will do. I think you can get this oil from most convenient stores, Indian grocery stores definitely and I am sure I saw it Asda 🙂 If the oil has solidified in the bottle (mine does quite often) I pop it into the microwave for about 5-10 seconds to heat it up.

2) I then put a little on fingertips and then quickly transfer this to the roots of my hair. This can get messy very quickly so I would advice to pop the bottle on a scrap piece of paper or newspaper so you don’t get oil stains anywhere. Another method is to directly pour the oil from the bottle – be careful because you don’t want to flood your hair with the oil, my tip is a little at a time – it is better to be cautious then inpatient. To be honest, these ways have worked for me but it could be different for you.

3) I focus on my roots mainly and make sure every part of my head (roots) are covered in oil, from the front to the back. If you glanced in the mirror at this point, it would look as if your hair was really greasy (so that’s the amount of oil you need really).

4) Lastly I apply oil to the ends of my hair – the parts that get quite dry. Be quite liberal with the oil here but obviously don’t go overboard, you don’t want oil to drip from the ends. I tend to ignore the middle part of my hair.

5) Most important and in my opinion the most relaxing part – giving yourself a head massage – this is to stimulate circulation to the head and to massage the oil into the scalp and roots. Once done you can rub the ends together.

6) Finish off with a brush through, I use an old brush or comb for this. This transfers the oil from the roots/head to the middle of the hair (which didn’t have any oil), then tie up in a high bun or plait.

I tend to do this hair ritual before I go to bed and sleep with the oil in my hair for the maximum effect, I know that may sound a bit gross but trust me it works! I sleep with an old towel or old old t-shirt on top of my pillow, so my pillow cover doesn’t get dirty or smelly. If however, you are not feeling to brave – keep it on your hair for a couple of hours then wash 🙂

What next?

I usually wash my hair twice over, when I have oil in it (shampoo x2). I don’t usually use conditioner as my hair has already been conditioned by the oil but on the odd occasions I do (like yesterday)…I  use very little conditioner and mainly on my ends.

Dry hair as you would normally then…VOILA  you should have amazing feeling and looking hair (soft, shiny, bouncy  and conditioned) YAY!

Gosh – I wrote a lot but the general theme as you may have guessed, is I love it. It has no horrible chemicals I don’t know how to pronounce and leaves my hair feeling great, which in turn helps me feel confident 🙂 The one gripe or con for this treatment, is the smell…I hate the smell but overcome this will little difficulty because of the amazing effects it has 🙂

Let me know your beauty or hair secrets and if you give this a go.

Much love khannablog xxx

(All images are from google images)


~ by khannablog on January 17, 2014.

4 Responses to “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…”

  1. Hey! Thank you for likig my blog posts. I was checking out your posts and I enjoy reading your reviews and tips and personal posts. I nominated you for the Liebster Award 🙂

    The information is here:

  2. I have read that using coconut oil in this manner is wonderful for our hair. I haven’t tried it yet, but my hair really needs it. Thank you for the step-by-step.
    Barbara @ http://www.allmylivesnow.com

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