Please sir can I have some more…and some more…and maybe even more?

So in my numerous quests to become more healthy and cut down on sweet things (I have a very sweet tooth) I decided to opt for the fruit yoghurt option after dinner to crave my need for sugar. My yoghurt of choice: the trusted muller fruit corners. These made me feel happier about my dessert option after dinner rather than reaching for a biscuit, slice of cake etc.

However talking to a friend, this type of fruit+yoghurt was not very healthy and quite high in calories for the amount given in a pot. She suggested trying natural yoghurt (greek or any kind) with frozen fruit, or what I like to call FRUGHURT.  I decided to try this and I have to say… is amazing. It has such a fresh, sweet and overall brilliant taste. I don’t really know how else to describe how I feel about this, apart from saying, since the day I tried this dessert/lunch/snack option I have not touched muller fruit yoghurt. People who know me, will know that I lived on these for years – they had they’re own shelf in my fridge!

If anyone has not tried this, I urge you to please do! Price wise I think buying a big pot of yoghurt and a carton of frozen fruit is cheaper than buying a big multi-pack of yoghurts, however it will not last as long but the advantages (taste and low in calories) definitely work in its favour.

What I tend to do is to pop a couple of tablespoons of yoghurt into a bowl then add a good handful of frozen fruits on top. By the time I have cooked and eaten my meal (usually 30-40mins) the fruits have softened and it is ready to eat. Because the fruits were frozen the yoghurt remains cold, as if you had just that minute taken it out of the fridge. However if, unlike me you like the crunch of a frozen fruit (my friend prefers this option) you don’t need to wait as long as half an hour to eat this…I would probably say 15-20mins and they will be the perfect texture for that icy/sorbet’y crunch.

I would say though, at the first taste you may find the fruits a bit too sharp – if that’s the case just sprinkle a little sugar or add some honey on the top whilst they are defrosting or defrosted and they taste fab! I tend to get the frozen summer fruits from Asda which are a nice size, this carton usually lasts me just over a week and I tend to eat this every day after dinner (because I love it sooo much!). I recently tried Waitrose’s frozen summer fruits and these were also very good, more expensive for less fruit though.

Try it and let me know what you think.

For me, once you go FRUGHURT you never go back!

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~ by khannablog on January 10, 2014.

3 Responses to “Please sir can I have some more…and some more…and maybe even more?”

  1. Mmm sounds delicious. I sometimes use jam when I run out of fruit, though it does add quite a lot of sugar :S

  2. That looks so yummy !

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