Candles in the wind, candles everywhere…

I have decided to make this blog to include other things that I like, love or hate (beauty, fashion etc).

I decided I would write my first blog on a every growing, wallet pinching obsession I have at the moment…scented candles!

I go weak at the knees for any fruity, fresh smelling candle. I seem to buy more every time I go into a home-ware store. I think, actually I am sure this growing obsession is linked to the seasons and the long, cold, dark nights.

My favourite candle stores at the moment:

1) TK Maxx (here you can find unique/ one-off candles and scents that you cannot find anywhere else, not even in other TK Maxx stores.

2) Yankee Candle online shop  (this website usually has discounts on delivery or particular candles, which is always enticing. A selection of these candles can also be found at Debenhams).

3) Ikea ( for your standard, nice smelling and fairly cheap candles that you can keep buying again and again).

My favourite candles:

1) Himalayan hand-made, wild green fig candle. Purchased at TK Maxx for £7.99.

I have not had the heart to light this yet as I absolutely love, LOVE this scent. It has a fresh, citrus, apple like, sophisticated scent. It is intoxicating! (I sound like a mad woman!).


TK Maxx – Green Wild Fig candle

2) Yankee candle tumbler, pink  dragon fruit candle. Purchased on the website for £7.49.

I originally purchased a small wax candle at Debenhams of this scent but recently decided to buy a tumbler of the same scent on the yankee candle website because I was in love with the smell. Also the bigger bottles or tumblers in Debenhams were too expensive for me to spend on my candle obsession (£20+ – even I have limits). As you may have guessed, in love with this scent – this is much more of a sweet and juicy (if I can say that) fragrance compared to the above candle smell. I have used the very small wax candle and seems to have a long burning life and lingering sweet smell (even when not lit) so I am looking forward to lighting up the tumbler. At the moment the website has a 50% discount for anyone looking for a last minute Christmas present or bargain 🙂


Yankee Candle, Pink dragon fruit

I would however say that the only gripe I have about this website is they did not send me an email confirmation of the purchase or any emails detailing the dispatch date etc. It however did arrive in time the specified, in the delivery detailed on the website.

I have read a few blogs and reviews who mention the candles from the White Company being very nice and lasting a long while – I may have to save up for these.

Does anyone else share my candle obsession?

Khannablog xxx


~ by khannablog on December 18, 2013.

7 Responses to “Candles in the wind, candles everywhere…”

  1. I liked your post! I also love candles and keep buying more but I hardly ever light them. It seems like such a waste, but then again, what else are candles for?

  2. candles are for buying and keeping, definitely not for lighting! 🙂

  3. Do you know Marianne Guedin candles? I saw them in Paris and I love the design. Plus the names are very exotic, for example “Paris under the rain” etc. 🙂 I saw them at a shop called FLEUX.

    • Hi Miia, no I have never heard of them, can you get them in the UK?

      • I have no idea, sorry…. A good excuse to make a trip to Paris 🙂
        Oh, and probably the most famous candles one can buy here are Diptyque. So fashionable! Those I believe you can find in the UK.
        Have a great weekend!

      • Most definitely a trip to Paris is in order! Yes you can buy those candles here, I have to find enough courage to spend that much on a candle!! hehe

      • I know 😉 I am not a big spender on candles either but I find the concept interesting from the marketing and consumption point of view!!

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