Apologies for the lack of post, I think it has actually been about 6 months!

Since then I have been on holiday in Dubai, America and Madrid, eaten lots, am a noticeable number of pounds heavier as a result, have started a new job, seen a number of friends get married and have come out of a long term relationship! 

The main things I can remember from my food experiences in Dubai are: zatar bread (lebanese/middle eastern) style bread which can either come with mincemeat, cheese or a cluster of savoury seeds on the top. These were incredible and very moreish – I have tried to find a recipe online that I could use to ‘try’ and replicate this but…I have not found anything yet. So if anyone knows of any please let me know 🙂

Madrid: black rice with seafood, cuttlefish tossed in garlic, deep fried baby squid and a homemade Spanish omelette! Still dreaming about the cuttlefish, which in my opinion are much tastier than squid! 

Will update again with more food updates and more restaurant reviews that I think are worth writing about.

Khannablog xx



~ by khannablog on October 6, 2013.

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