A fishy trip to Camden…

BELGO NOOR72 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AN



(photo from http://www.coolplaces.co.uk/places/uk/england/london/camden/2176-belgo-noord).

Meeting a friend in Camden for a spot of lunch, I looked for some nice places we could visit and I came across this Belgian restaurant/bar/cafe which had some good reviews on the Time Out and Best London Restaurants internet sites. Despite knowing that there are loads of street food stalls we could have purchased food from (really nice smelling Chinese dim sum stalls, Mexican and Indian – yum!) I decided to stick to this cafe and try their food.

The decor was very strange, it was very metallic and industrial feel to it, it also had no sign posts so we weren’t sure if we were walking into the right place and through the correct door. When we walked into the restaurant/bar there were probably 30 empty tables, with only one occupied with a small family, So suddenly alarm bells started to ring!

The walls of the restaurant (the half we sat in) had strange, some were funny and weird/rude words written on the wall such as ‘lazy bones’, ‘pickled herring’, ‘iron slaw’, ‘gag’ etc. Which was funny but weird at the same time, it did make for a good talking point but did make us wonder where and what kind of place we had entered!

We decided to stay nether the less, the menu looked like it had some nice dishes however they all looked a little pricey (£12-14). Eventually we both decided to get a crab and lobster burger, which came with chips and avocado, lime and coriander mayonnaise.

The food arrived around ten minutes after we had ordered and looked quite appetising and considering we were both pretty hungry we were looking forward to digging into a nice burger. On inspection the burger inside the bun was too small for the bun or the bun was too big for the burger, so you had to take a couple of bites first before you even tasted the burger and bun together – which is not nice! Once we did taste it, the only word that can used to describe it is horrible! The texture and taste were awful – we both couldn’t taste any lobster or crab. The burger was also not piping hot, it was warm which made me suspect that it had not cooked properly from frozen – one side of both the burgers looked burnt!

It was a real struggle to eat this plate of food, even the chips were not very nice and after forcing myself to eat a couple of bites I felt a little sick so I left the rest of the food un eaten (I really should have done this sooner). After leaving food in the plate, we both could not wait to get out of the restaurant.

Verdict: I would definitely not go there again

The food was awful, despite being named one of London’s ‘Best Belgian restaurants’ and having a few stores dotted around. It is known for its beer. So if you have to go here, go for drinks not food!

Food: 2/10

  • Ambience: none – the restaurant was empty
  • Decor: quirky, weird but with a modern twist
  • Service: fine -but they only had one other table to serve.
  • Value for money:  no because the food was terrible!
  • Price: £

(2 crab and lobster burgers, with tap water =£19.99 (no service charge included).

Nearest tube: half way between Camden and Chalk Farm – http://www.belgo-restaurants.co.uk/menus/belgo-noord/main-menu


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