Yet another, Passion fruit cheesecake!

PRINCI135 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0UT.





Met an old university friend after work and came across this cafe as, the original place we had planned to go did not have any   seating. On first impression this cafe was busy and with a heightening buzzing atmosphere, with a small queue of people looking for seats. Initially, there was a sign in the entrance stating ‘please wait to be seated’ – so reading that we both waited despite seeing people who came in after us, walk in and grab a seat at any table. So we felt a little silly standing like lemons for about 5 mins before one of the cafe staff told us to ignore the sign and to sit anywhere! ( perhaps someone should remove that sign!).

We luckily found two seats overlooking the street and decided to order a cake and coffee. This cafe housed desserts/cakes, salads, pasta, sandwiches, hot food and cocktails which all looked delicious. They had a nice selection of desserts ranging from cheesecakes to strawberry tarts and tiramisu slices. So lots of temptation for someone trying to slim down!!

I was drawn to the tray of passion fruit cheesecake slices and my friend ordered a lemon and toffee cake slice. We also ordered two skinny lattes (I guess to make us feel a little better about our cake choices!:) I ordered the coffee’s from the back of the cafe, which I must admit took about 8-10 mins before they were made – which was a bit too long to wait for a cup of coffee!

The passion fruit cheesecake was very tasty, in fact I am going to say – best cheesecake I have eaten for a while. I loved it! This cheesecake tops the Giraffe cheesecake, I wrote about a few months ago. The layer of passion fruit jelly had an intense, sour and very fresh passion fruit taste which went perfectly with the vanilla cheesecake underneath! I was also nicely surprised with the portion of the cake (suited me fine!). My friend said she thought the lemon and toffee cake had a very strong taste of lemon, which she did not like much but finished all the same as she loves toffee! The coffee’s were also good however a little on the warm side, I prefer mine piping hot.

In actual fact, because I loved the cheesecake so much I decided to bring my partner to the same cafe the next day to see what the savoury food tasted like. The decor of the cafe is very ‘Wagamma’-esque with about 4 long, magnolia coloured tables positioned parallel to each other and seating around the edges of the restaurant (overlooking the street and walls). The water feature on the walls was a bit odd. It consisted of a number of taps dripping water into a water basin (please see picture 2 – bit hard to explain). This feature unfortunately did produce splash back whilst eating which was a bit irritating if using a phone. However I liked the minimalist and contemporary decor and London chic, buzzing atmosphere of this Italian cafe.

I ordered a salad on a large plate (you were allowed to pick 4 different salads from a selection of about 10). The salads all looked fresh, vibrant and healthy. I chose: 1) crayfish and couscous, 2) steamed broccoli in a chilli dressing, 3)french beans in sun dried tomatoes and 4) roast vegetables with a potato/cheese slice. My partner chose a ham and cheese sandwich. My salad was very tasty and the flavour reflected the my first impressions! It was fresh, flavour-some and very moreish! The beans were to die for I also loved these. I had never tried anything like them before and they definitely made me want to ‘try’ and recreate them at home which is always a good sign! 🙂 My partner was a little disappointed with his sandwich, as that he felt it looked better than it tasted but was happy with it all the same. I had been contemplating ordering another slice of the cheesecake I had ordered before and decided to ignore my ‘healthy eating/diet’ brain and purchase it again. My partner ordered a strawberry tart at the same time.

He and I both loved the desserts. Having the cheesecake again, a day later did not dampen my initial feelings about the cake and I was now more curious about how they managed to pack such fresh, fruit flavour in the jelly.

Verdict: I would definitely go again

The food (savoury and sweet) was very good and I would definitely go again to try something new, savoury, sweet or hot food. I encourage people to visit this cafe! It is also a pizzeria so that would also require a drop in 🙂

Food: 9/10 – packed with flavour (sweet and savoury)

  • Ambience: buzzing and very London chic
  • Decor: modern and minimalistic
  • Service: good overall but a bit slow at the drinks counter
  • Value for money: good for cake and coffee – but prices tend to soar once you order more substantial food.

(Day 1: 2 skinny lattes, cheesecake, toffee cake =£13.80). (Day 2: skinny latte, sandwich, salad plate, strawberry tart, cheesecake =£22.8)

Nearest tube: Tottenham court road – however its pretty much in between Oxford street circus –


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