Giraffe – Passion fruit cheesecake

Sorry for the lack of posts…

I recently went to Giraffe for a last-minute Halloween dinner. I have eaten at this restaurant several times before and was never really overly impressed, it has always been a very hit and miss place for me.

Ordered very standard dishes for the starter and main and received very standard and ordinary quality food, which was fine because I didn’t go to experience their exquisite culinary delights! :p

However, decided to share the passion fruit cheesecake that my friend had picked and… it was truly amazing! The fresh passion fruit was such a nice, tangy, refreshing touch to the creamy baked cheesecake which I did not expect to like so much. So I have decided I need to spread the word about the Giraffe passion fruit cheesecake! I strongly recommend tasting it (I am actually still dreaming about it nearly 2 weeks after I have eaten it!) and let me know what you think. It is not too pricey (£5.25) for a nice big portion (perfect for sharing). Or if you are like me, perfect for one person with a nice ‘healthy’ appetite!

We ordered the ‘Baked mascarpone & passion fruit cheesecake topped with fresh passion fruit’.

Sorry no pictures, but I am going again this week so I will try to take one and put it up if I don’t get overwhelmed! 🙂


~ by khannablog on November 12, 2012.

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