HACHE – 329-331 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London , SW10 9QL


My friend had picked this restaurant before hand, so I had no idea about food etc or actually where we were going until I arrived.

Unfortunately our table for two was not ready yet, despite calling 45 mins before-hand and checking if they would have a table ready at the time we wanted. We in fact had a reservation at 9pm and called at 8.15pm!

So we were shown the bar area of the restaurant to sit and wait, we were however offered complimentary glasses of champagne (which is always nice!).

I loved the décor of this restaurant, from the lighting to the tables to the mirrors and the seating. It was quirky, cute and stylish at the same time. I especially liked the plant like lights positioned on the mirrors around the restaurant and the bird-cage lights in the bar area (I want these!). The ambience was relaxed, stylish and fun. On first impressions, this restaurant looked amazing!

The menu was nicely organised (yes!) and on one page, so an easy read. I was disappointed with the veggie and fish options available, it seemed they served fish and chips or a variety of falafel burgers. So you guessed it, I picked a falafel burger with blue cheese (Stilton). I wasn’t too keen to have fish and chips at a burger restaurant. We were given the option of a brioche bun or ciabatta bread for the burger top, which was nice but not what I would have wanted or expected for the bread part of my burger to be honest. Me and my friend both decided to go with a brioche bun. My friend picked the ‘Chicken Spanish’ which sounded yummy – chicken burger with roasted red pepper and Goats cheese. We also ordered nachos to share for starters. Thinking that the burgers would not be enough, we asked the waitress about the size of the fries and if it would be enough for one person. She said they were quite small, so I took that as a hint to order two portions – sweet potato fries and normal potato fries.

The nachos arrived relatively quickly and did their task of filling the huge hole that was growing in our stomachs. The nachos came with guacamole, salsa, cheese and sour cream (all tasted good). The nachos were not amazing, or the best nachos I have ever eaten – they were ordinary and very ‘blah’. I also ordered an Oreo milkshake which came with the starter, my friend ordered a banana smoothie (urgh – only because I don’t like banana flavouring!) The Oreo milkshake was basically Oreo ice cream with a biscuit on the top, I was under the impression a milkshake would be more straw friendly than the one I received however it tasted very good! My friend also liked their banana shake (banana berry).

Our food arrived relatively quickly after the starters (approximately 10/15 mins) with the chips, which were served in a small, very cute frying bucket.  So once the food had arrived, we were very doubtful that we would be able to finish everything. In fact, if we had just ordered the burgers without the fries it would have been perfect! So the lesson I have learnt is, don’t always trust the waiting staff!!

The chips were really tasted and seasoned well, the sweet potato chips were a bit too sweet for me but I enjoyed eating them all the same. I think the parsnips chips would have been more to my taste.

Disappointingly my burger was very, very salty – so salty in fact that I could only take two bites and I had to leave the rest (maybe this is my karma for complaining about bland food!). My friend also tried it (forcibly) and confirmed the seasoning, too salty to eat. I tried the burger without the blue cheese (which is known to be a salty cheese), as I first thought this may be the culprit for the over seasoning but it tasted the same, perhaps a little less salty but overall TOO salty to eat!

The burger also had a very unpleasant texture in the mouth (I could taste the burnt oil), it was drying my mouth out! So I had to resort to eating the potato chips with ketchup L while my friend happily inhaled the chicken burger they had ordered! They said it was the best burger they had ever tasted.

We did inform the manager, who apologised and said normally if any issues occur earlier in the day they are usually rectified which suggests that big batches of food (burgers) are made earlier in the day and fried in the evening. The manager kindly removed my dish from the bill. We decided not to stay for desert because I was sulking about my food and plus it was getting a bit late.

Verdict: I probably would not go again

I was really disappointed with the food because I loved everything else about the restaurant. It is a great place to come with friends (big or small party) or romantic date. However not very good choices for veggies or fish lovers, more for the carnivores out there!

  • Food: 2/10 – too salty, over fried, had to leave it, limited veggie and fish options. However my friend loved the chicken burger.
  • Ambience: buzzing, stylish, fun
  • Décor: quirky, cute with amazing lights
  • Service: good
  • Value for money: not too bad, but a bit pricey

(Oreo milkshake, banana smoothie, 2 x fries (potato and sweet potato), Chicken burger, Falafel burger = £41.46 (including the 12.5% service charge). After the removal of the falafel burger = £33.01).

Picture taken from the official Hache website – these are the lights I love.


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