Raoul’s Restaurant & Bar

RAOUL’S RESTAURANT & BAR NOTTING HILL – 105-107 Talbot Road, London, W11 2AT


I was woken up by my partner on Sunday morning to a choice of several breakfast places that we could visit, a) because we had no food in the house and b) we love to go out and eat (as you may have already become aware) and c) we had no food in the house! We eventually decided to eat breakfast at Raoul’s Restaurant and Bar in Notting Hill (although by the time I had rolled myself out if bed it was brunch/lunch time). Chose this place because of the reviews and menu we read on the internet.

A cute, nicely situated restaurant which was heaving with people by the time we arrived (around 12.30pm –ish). The atmosphere was lively, buzzing with couples, families and big parties of people. We did not have to wait long for a table for two which is always nice.

The dishes on the menu, looked appetising and reasonably priced. My original plan was to order a cooked breakfast type dish or something tasty but not too filling, however for some reason I ended up choosing a warm vegetarian open sandwich and chips (!) instead of eggs Benedict or pancakes. (I blame this on the absence of my morning coffee). I appreciated the waitress asking what type of bread we preferred because I hardly eat white, so I happy to hear we had a choice. My partner chose well and ordered smoked haddock with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and toast.

The seating was comfortable and the tables were an appropriate size for the restaurant. The décor was a bit on the dated side, in my opinion – it looked very 70’s with yellow and brown wooden panels, orange seating and round orange lights. Our drinks (latte and a fruit juice) arrived quite quickly, which again was good as I was in desperate need for my caffeine fix!

The food arrived approximately 15 minutes after the drinks. My partner’s fish looked very appetising with the portion size nice and big, mine however looked a bit on the brown side (definitely not the best colour food can be) disguised by sprinkles of rocket and slices of cheese but both smelt good. We had to wait a further 5 mins for my partner’s toast to arrive. Whilst waiting for our food, we were amazed at the father and daughter duo sitting next to us, who it seemed ordered half of the dishes on the menu but were not able finish any they had ordered (bad form!!) They had ordered the pancakes with blueberries which looked really good – so so jealous at this point because I wish I had ordered that instead!

My dish was a little on the bland side but it was what I expected of an open vegetable sandwich (roast peppers, pesto, grilled aubergine and artichoke) and chips. I could not taste the individual vegetables unfortunately they had all become one big vegetable mass. I rather hoped the sandwich would be made from fresh, hot brown bread with crispy yet tasty vegetables, which I think would have made it taste a lot better and given it a rustic edge but it was ordinary brown bread, which had become a little damp because of the pesto sauce and warm vegetables. I thought it looked a little small too but I was getting full up, quite quickly eating my dish with chips. (It seems my eyes are bigger than my appetite!) I tried my partner’s smoked haddock and poached eggs with hollandaise sauce which tasted really good without the toast but even better once the toast had arrived. It had the perfect amount of seasoning, not very heavy, nice combination of textures and flavours and a good healthy start to the day. The eggs were also perfectly poached. I was a bit jealous to be honest! 🙂

Verdict: Definitely would go again

Overall I was happy with my meal, the service and the variety of dishes on the menu and would definitely come again to sample the pancakes (in particular) and other dishes (lunch and dinner menu). Great place for couples, party of friends and families with children (big or small :))

  • Food: 7/10 – good portion size, haddock was really well seasoned, my dish a little bland,  did not look very appetising but tasty all the same
  • Ambience: buzzing with people with a laid back family atmosphere.
  • Décor: 70’s vibe with comfortable seating and tables – just not to my taste.
  • Service: good
  • Value for money: not too bad – maybe a little pricey for breakfast/brunch

(latte, fruit juice, smoked haddock, warm open veggie sandwich, chips = £28.15 (including service charge of 10%).


~ by khannablog on October 22, 2012.

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